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ID: 2487 Upper Intermediate
Feel stuck in a job that doesn't challenge you? Time for a career change? We all need good advice from time to time to guide us in the right direction. Listen in as one person get the advice he needs.
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月薪 yuèxīn monthly income
鸡毛蒜皮 jīmáosuànpí trivial matters
成就感 chéngjiùgǎn sense of accomplishment
事事如意 shìshìrúyì everything to turn out as you wish
wǒ xiǎng cízhí le 。
I want to hand in my resignation.
shénme ?zěnme tūrán yào cízhí ?
What? How come you want to resign all of a sudden?
āi ,yuèxīn nàme dī 。zàishuō ,gōngzuò huánjìng yòu bù hǎo ,měitiān zuò de hái dōu shì yīxiē jīmáosuànpí de xiǎoshì ,yīdiǎn chéngjiùgǎn yě méiyǒu 。zhè lí wǒde yùqī chājù yě tài dà le 。
Why, the monthly income is so low. Besides, the work environment is also not good. Everyday I just do insignificant little jobs and there is no sense of accomplishment. This is too far from what I expected.
xiànzài nǎ yǒu shìshìrúyì de gōngzuò ne ?nǐ bùyào “yǎngāoshǒudī ”le 。
Nowadays, where can you find work that is exactly what you wish for? You shouldn't have high standards that your abilities can't match.
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