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Calling a Moving Company

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ID: 2148 Intermediate
Moving into a new place can be fun, but getting all your stuff from one place to another can be quite an ordeal. In this lesson, someone calls a moving company and asks them how much it'll cost.
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预订 yùdìng to reserve
搬家 bānjiā to move house
衣柜 yīguì wardrobe
zhāng [measure word for flat items]
nǐhǎo ,wǒ yào bānjiā ,xiǎng yùdìng chēzi hé gōngrén 。
Hello, I'm going to be moving house and I want to book a truck and some movers.
kěyǐ ya 。yǒu xiē shénme dōngxi ?
Okay. What things do you have?
wǒ dōngxi bu duō ,yǒu yī gè yīguì ,yī zhāng chuáng ,yī gè shāfā ,hái yǒu yī gè bīngxiāng hé yī tái kōngtiáo 。
I don't have a lot of things. I have a wardrobe, a bed and a sofa. I also have a refrigerator and an air conditioner.
nà hái tǐng duō de 。yīguì hé chuáng dōu xūyào chāizhuāng 。zhè gè yào lìngwài shōufèi 。xīn jiā hé jiù jiā dōu yǒu diàntī ma ?
That's quite a lot. The wardrobe and the bed need to be disassembled. There's an additional charge for that. Do both the new house and the old house have elevators?
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