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Buying on Taobao

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ID: 0993 Upper Intermediate
You've developed Enochiophobia from your last venture into a Saturday department store. However, your underwear has holes and your jean supply is non-existent since Ayi's last run in with the bleach bottle. What are you going to do? Head to Taobao... China's Ebay on steroids. Listen to this podcast and learn some of the techniques and potential dangers lurking on this website made just for closet shopaholics like you.
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淘宝 táobǎo Taobao
贵重 guìzhòng valuable
保险 bǎoxiǎn secure
实体店 shítǐdiàn physical store
yòu zài Táobǎo a ?
You're on Taobao again?
ng4 ,xiǎng mǎi ge iPhone .
Yeah, I want to buy an iPhone.
zhème guìzhòng de dōngxi ,nǐ yě gǎn zài wǎngshàng mǎi ?wǒ kàn háishì dào diàn lǐ mǎi bǐjiào bǎoxiǎn 。
You're even going to buy something that expensive online? I'd say buying in a store is safer.
Táobǎo tǐng ānquán de 。shàngmian hǎo duō màijiā dōu yǒu shítǐdiàn 。bùguò wǎngshàng de jiàgé piányi yī liǎng chéng ne 。nǐ kàn zhè ge bā G nèicún de ,cái wǔqiān duō ,diàn lǐ chàbuduō yào mài liùqiān 。
Taobao is quite safe. A lot of the sellers have actual stores, but the online prices are ten to twenty percent cheaper. Look at this 8-gig one. It's just a bit over 5000, but in stores it sells for around 6000.
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