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Business Interview: e-Commerce Guru

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ID: 0965 Upper Intermediate
There are love gurus, spiritual gurus, self-help gurus. These are all good. But what the world has been missing, up until now, is an e-commerce guru. No longer. The e-commerce guru has arrived, and he is going to teach you to live, love and self-actualize through online buying and selling. Listen to his wisdom, in Mandarin Chinese, in this podcast.
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电子商务 diànzǐ shāngwù e-commerce
创业 chuàngyè to start a company
起步 qǐbù to begin to move
潜力 qiánlì potential
马总,谢谢你接受《 财经日报》 的采访。你的公司现在是中国最大的电子商务企业,但是据说你创业时根本不懂互联网。
Mǎ Zǒng ,xièxie nǐ jiēshòu 《 Cáijīng Rìbào 》 de cǎifǎng 。nǐ de gōngsī xiànzài shì Zhōngguó zuì dà de diànzǐ shāngwù qǐyè ,dànshì jùshuō nǐ chuàngyè shí gēnběn bù dǒng hùliánwǎng 。
Mr. Ma, thank you for accepting an interview with Finance and Economics Daily. Your company is now China's biggest e-commerce enterprise, yet it is said that when you undertook this venture, you knew nothing about the internet.
shì 。nà shíhou hùliánwǎng zài Zhōngguó gāng qǐbù ,kěshì wǒ xiāngxìn tā yǒu hěn dà de qiánlì 。
Yes. At that time, the internet was just getting started in China. However, I was convinced that it had huge potential.
zénme huì xuǎnzé diànzǐ shāngwù ne ?nà shíhou hǎo duō rén dōu zuò ménhù wǎngzhàn 。
How is it that you chose e-commerce? At the time, a lot of people were doing portal websites.
wǒ yīzhí juéde hùliánwǎng zuì dà de gōngnéng jiùshì liánxì rén ,nàme wèishénme bù bǎ tā yòng zài zuò shēngyi shang ne ?suǒyǐ wǒ xiǎng dājiàn zhèyàng yī ge píngtái ,bǎ màijiā hé mǎijiā lián qǐlai 。
I've always felt that the biggest function of the internet is to bring people together. So, why not use it for business? That's why I wanted to set up that kind of a platform; to connect the seller with the buyer.
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