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Budget Airlines

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ID: 2843 Intermediate
In this intermediate lesson, learn about so called "budget airlines" and how the pricing of these tickets can rise sharply during high season. If you truly want bargain tickets, it's best to book well in advance, and perhaps choose the off-season for your annual leave. Photo by Eric Salard
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计划 jìhuà plan
tàng measure word for trips
航空 hángkōng aviation
涨价 zhǎngjià to increase in price
tīngshuō nǐ xià ge yuè yào xiū niánjià ,yǒu shénme jìhuà méiyǒu ?
I hear that next month you're taking annual leave, do you have any plans for it.
wǒ běnlái dǎsuàn zìjǐ qù yī tàng Rìběn ,dànshì jīpiào tài guì le 。
I originally planned to go on a trip alone to Japan, but the plane tickets were too expensive.
bùshì yǒu hěn duō fēi Rìběn de liánjià hángkōng ma ?
Aren't there lots of budget airlines that fly to Japan?
xiànzài shì shǔ qī wàngjì ,liánjià hángkōng yě gēn zhe zhǎngjià ,yǒuxiē piào shènzhì bǐ yībān hángkōnggōngsī de hái yào guì 。
Now it's the peak summer season, so the prices of the budget airlines have risen along with this, some are even more expensive than regular airlines.
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