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Braised Pork in Soy Sauce

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ID: 1939V Intermediate
While braised pork in soy sauce is a dish that can be found in many places in China, perhaps it's most well-known and famous incarnation is from Shanghai. In today's lesson, in addition to discussing the necessary steps to craft this dish in Mandarin Chinese, our very own Jenny Zhu will personally demonstrate for all of our users! Feast your eyes on today's intermediate video lesson! You can also watch the lesson on Vimeo or Tudou in a higher quality version.
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红烧肉 hóngshāoròu braised pork in soy sauce
之前 zhīqián before
准备 zhǔnbèi to prepare
材料 cáiliào ingredients
dàjiā hǎo ,jīntiān wǒ yào jiāo dàjiā zuò hóngshāoròu 。
Hello, everyone. Today I'm going to teach you how to make braised pork in soy sauce.
zuò zhīqián ,wǒmen yào zhǔnbèi yīxiē cáiliào 。
Before we make it, we have to prepare a few ingredients.
dàjiā kàn ,yǒu cōng 、jiāng ,háiyǒu dàliào ,dāngrán háiyǒu ròu ,ròu yīdìng yào mǎi dài pí de wǔhuāròu 。
Everyone take a look. We have scallions, ginger, anise, and of course the meat. Make sure you get the marbled pork belly with the skin still attached.
dì yī bù ,bǎ ròu xǐ gānjìng ,qiē chéng xiǎo fāngkuài ,gēn májiàng chàbuduō 。yòng liàojiǔ yān yīxià 。yān shí wǔ fēnzhōng 。
The first step is to wash the meat and cut it into small chunks. They should be about the size of mahjong tiles. Marinate them in cooking wine for 15 minutes.
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