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Booking a Plane Ticket

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ID: 0533 Intermediate
Our businessman friend, Peter, has sobered up and accepted the exciting offer of touring the factory he is considering buying product from in China. But he's got to get there first. Since China is a little bit bigger than he had anticipated when he booked and then subsequently cancelled the 52 hour train ride to get there, listen in and learn along with him how to book a plane ticket in China using Mandarin Chinese. That's the easy part. The hard part will be when you start to get picky... extra pillows, window seat, caesar tall and neat, more peanuts... for that you're on your own!
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行程 xíngchéng itinerary
参观 cānguān to tour
当地 dāngdì local
gǎi to change
Jíxiáng Lǚxíngshè ,qǐng wèn yǒu shénme kěyǐ bāng nín de ma ?
Lucky Travel Agency, what can I help you with?
nǐhǎo ,wǒ xiǎng dìng cóng Shànghǎi dào Wēnzhōu de wǎngfǎn piào 。shāngwùcāng 。
Hello, I want to book a return ticket from Shanghai to Wenzhou. Business class.
shénme rìqī ?
What dates?
zhè ge yuè shí hào qù ,shí sān hào huílai 。
Leaving on the 10th of this month, returning on the 13th.
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