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ID: 2945 Upper Intermediate
Learn about the celebrated Japanese author, Keigo Higashino, who's many mystery novels have been made into TV shows and movies. Some of his more famous works include "The Devotion of Suspect X" and the "Salvation of a Saint." Have any poddies read his work? Would you recommend them to a friend? Photo by Dani Nofal
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推荐 tuījiàn to recommend
悬疑 xuányí thriller; suspense
具体 jùtǐ concrete
紧凑 jǐncòu fast-paced
zuìjìn yǒu shénme yǒuqù de shū kě tuījiàn de ma ?zuì hǎo shì xuányí lèi de shūjí ,wǒ duì zhèlèi zuòpǐn bǐjiào gǎn xìngqù 。
Have you got any interesting books to recommend? Ideally a thriller, I'm more interested in that kind of book.
nǐ zhīdào Rìběn yǒu wèi jiào zuò Dōngyě Guīwú de zuòjiā ma ?tā shì yī gè zhuānmén xiě zhēntàn xiǎoshuō de xuányí xiǎoshuōjiā ,tā de zuòpǐn zhídéyīkàn 。
Do you know a Japanese author called Keigo Higashino? He is a thriller novelist who specializes in detective novels. His work is worth a read.
wǒ tīngshuō guo zhè ge zuòjiā ,jùshuō zài Rìběn guónèi hěn shòuhuānyíng ,tā de zuòpǐn nǐ néng jùtǐ tuījiàn yī bù gěi wǒ ma ?
I've heard of that writer before, I hear he's very popular in Japan, can you recommend any particular book of his?
nà wǒ jiù tuījiàn tā de dì yī bù zhēntàn xiǎoshuō gěi nǐ ba ,míngzi jiàozuò 《fàngxué hòu 》。zhè shì yī bù xiàoyuán xuányí xiǎoshuō ,qíngjié jǐncòu ,jiéjú chūrényìliào 。
Then I'll recommend his first detective novel. It's called 'After School'. It's a thriller based in school, the plot is very fast-paced and the ending is really unexpected.
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