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Bon Voyage - A Love Letter

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ID: 2850 Intermediate
In today's lesson you'll learn how to write a letter to a friend wishing them all the best on their trip abroad to study.Learn some useful ways to open and sign off a letter, as well as kind words to wish people on new endeavours. For more about the phrase 一路顺风, check out this link with Fiona and Iona Tian. Photo by annilove
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亲爱的 qīn ài de dear
念书 niànshū to study
出发 chūfā to start out
sòng to deliver; to give
qīn ài de kuānkuān :
Dear Kuankuan,
tiānyīn gàosu wǒ ,nǐ xiàxīngqī jiùyào qù Yīngguó niànshū le ,nǐ chūfā de nà tiān wǒ bù néng qù jīchǎng sòng nǐ ,suǒyǐ wǒ xiě zhè zhāng kǎpiàn gěi nǐ 。
Tianyin told me you're going to the UK next week to study. I won't be able to go to the airport to see you off that day, so I've written this card for you.
zìcóng gāozhōng bìyè zhīhòu ,wǒmen jiànmiàn de jīhuì bù suàn hěn duō ,dànshì měicì jiànmiàn de shíhou dōu hěn kāixīn 。shàngcì gēn nǐ yīqǐ chīfàn ,nǐ shuō nǐ háishì hěn xiǎng chūguóliúxué ,méixiǎngdào cái guò bàn nián ,nǐ jiù zhēnde yào qù le ,zhēnde hěn tì nǐ kāixīn !
From when we graduated high school, we've had less opportunity to meet, but every time we do meet we have such a great time. The last time I ate with you, you said that you still really wanted to go abroad to study. I never thought that after just half a year, you're really about to go. I'm so happy for you!
nǐ shì yī gè rènzhēn 、nǔlì 、yòu jiānqiáng de rén ,wǒ xiāngxìn nǐ zài Yīngguó yīdìng kěyǐ xuédào hěn duō dōngxi ,wǒ yǒu jīhuì jiù huì qù kàn nǐ 。jiāyóu !
You're such an earnest, hard-working and determined person, that I think you'll learn a lot of things in the UK. I'll go and see you you there if I get the chance. Go you!
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