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Binge Watching TV Online

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ID: 2941 Upper Intermediate
Do you binge watch television shows? With the advent of streaming services, as well as the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, people are increasingly watching TV on their devices? If you have Netflix, and want to watch some Chinese period drama, we at ChinesePod recommend "Empress in the Palace." Photo by Esther Vargas
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一口气 yīkǒuqì in one go
过瘾 guòyǐn addictive; really fun
意外 yìwài accident; unexpectedly
继承 jìchéng descendant
nǐ zuótiān kàn le méi ?
Did you watch yesterday?
kàn le kàn le ,zìcóng nǐ jièshào zhīhòu ,wǒ zuótiān wǎnshang yīkǒuqì kàn le shí jí ,guòyǐn 。
Yeah, I watched, after you introduced it to me yesterday evening I watched ten episodes in one go, it's so addictive.
nǐ kàndào Jīn Ēnzài chū chēhuò nàlǐ méiyǒu ?kàndào tā bèi zìjǐ zuìài de nǚrén zhuàngdào ,wǒ dōu kū le 。
Have you seen up to the part where Kim Un-jae gets into car crash? Seeing him get run over by the girl he most loved made me cry.
wǒ yě kàndào nàbiān le ,xià le yī dà tiào ,tài yìwài le 。
I saw to that part too, I was shocked, it's so unexpected.
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