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Binge watching

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ID: 4627 Upper Intermediate
Binge watching has been a cultural trend that has swept the world since the advent of Netflix, but do you know the repercussions and potential negative effect it has on our mind? Today, you are going to learn more about it in this episode of 清谈.
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老年痴呆症 lǎoniánchīdāizhèng senile dementia
镜头 jìngtóu camera lens; camera shot (in a movie etc); scene
历历在目 lìlìzàimù vivid in one's mind (idiom)
辗转反侧 zhǎnzhuǎnfǎncè to toss and turn restlessly (in the bed)
nándào nǐ shì de le lǎoniánchīdāizhèng ma ?
Are you suffering from Alzheimer?
kěshì wǒ gāng kàn wán de nàge jìngtóu yīrán lìlìzàimù ,zhǎnzhuǎnfǎncè háishi nányǐ rùshuì 。
The scene I just watched was still fresh in my mind and I was tossing and turning.
dāngshí a wǒ kěshì měitiān dōu zài shuājù xiǎngyào bǎ suǒyǒu de jù dōu zhuī wán 。
At that time I was watching it every day, trying to catch up on all the episodes.
dāng nǐ kàn zhe píngmù zhōng yīgègè xīng shān sè ,bàolì de jìngtóu ,zhèxiē a ,qíshí dōu huì jìnrù nǐ de qiányìshí 。
When you look at the screen and see all those colorful and violent scenes, they are all going into your subconsciousness.
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