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ID: 0895 Upper Intermediate
Is there a better way to mix with the locals than by shootin' some stick and throwing back some Tsingtao's? Those words that can often never get past the tip of your tongue will flow like wine by the third round of pijiu. You will need some basic billiard lingo in Mandarin Chinese to hang with the boys, however. Well, that and a solid bank shot. Get it in this podcast.
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球杆 qiúgān cue stick
台球 táiqiú billiards
高手 gāoshǒu ace
过招 guòzhāo to face off against
āiyā !shénme fēng bǎ wǒmen de Lǐ jīnglǐ gěi chuīlái la 。
Woah! Look what the wind blew in, if it isn't Manager Li.
bié fèihuà ,náshàng nǐ de qiúgān zánmen xiànzài jiù lái shā yī jú 。
Quit babbling. Pick up your cue and let's get down to it.
hǎo ,wǒ yě shì hěn cháng shíjiān méi dǎ guo táiqiú le ,tèbié shì gēn gāoshǒu guòzhāo 。
All right. I haven't played billiards in quite some time, especially with such a shark.
wǒ lái bǎi sānjiǎojià ,nǐ lái kāiqiú ba 。
I'll rack, you break.
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