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Bel Canto

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ID: 1954 Upper Intermediate
Finally, a ChinesePod lesson for all our opera-loving listeners. Well, not so much operas themselves but bel canto, a world-renowned singing style that's exceedingly popular in China as well. Tune in to find out more!
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晨跑 chénpǎo to go on a morning run
练声 liànshēng vocal exercises
美声 Měishēng bel canto
晚会 wǎnhuì evening program
lǎopó ,wǒ huílai le 。gāngcái chénpǎo de shíhou kàndào ge nǚháizi zài liànshēng 。
Honey, I'm back. Out on my morning run just now I saw a girl doing vocal exercises.
liànshēng ?
Vocal exercises?
jiùshì Měishēng chàngfǎ ,mī mī mī mī mā mā mā mā 。
The bel canto style of singing. Mi, mi, mi, mi, ma, ma, ma, ma.
wǒ shì tǐng fán nàxiē chàng Měishēng de 。yīxiē diànshì wǎnhuì ,měicì dōu yǒu chàng Měishēng de ,érqiě nàxiē rén dōu shì dàkuàitóu ,zuǐbā dà de xiàrén 。
I find those bel canto singers quite annoying. Some evening television programs always have these bel canto singers; all of them are big and fat and their mouths are terrifyingly large.
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