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Battling Internet Addiction

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ID: 1021 Upper Intermediate
Some addictions are better than others. Internet addiction, for example, is bad. Bad, unless of course, the addiction revolves around being on the internet compulsively reloading every five minutes. Replaying each link of each podcast until slumped over in a heap. Pinning up pictures of the most active users on your wall. This good. Other addictions bad. Learn more in this podcast, in Chinese. 500 times.
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省心 shěngxīn to rest easy
to hole up
一塌糊涂 yītāhútu a complete mess
上瘾 shàngyǐn addicted
bùxíng ,wǒ míngnián yào qù Běijīng péi érzi 。
This just won't do. Next year, I'm moving to Beijing with our son.
suàn le ba ,tā dōu dà èr le ,nǐ jiù shěngsheng xīn ba 。bié guǎn de tài yán le 。
Oh come on, he's already a college sophomore. Just take it easy. Don't keep him on too short a leash.
wǒ bù qù kān zhù tā ,néng xíng ma ?nǐ kàn nǐ nà bǎobèi érzi dōu chéng shénme yàngzi le ,tiāntiān wō zài sùshè dǎ yóuxì ,gēnběn méi xīnsi xuéxí ,chéngjì kěndìng yītāhútu 。
What will happen if I don't keep an eye on him? Look what your precious baby has become, holed up in his dorm room all the time playing video games. He doesn't care at all about studying. I'm sure his grades are atrocious.
hái méi dào zhè ge chéngdù ba 。
Things probably aren't that bad yet.
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