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Baking Class

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ID: 2522 Intermediate
Baking western goodies is becoming more popular among young urbanites in China. Listen to two friends discuss what they are learning in their baking class.
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曲奇饼干 qǔqíbǐnggān cookie
同学聚会 tóngxuéjùhuì class party
面粉 miànfěn wheat flour
黄油 huángyóu butter
yúnyun ,shàngzhōu nǐ lái shàngkè le ma ?jiāo le xiē shénme ?
Yunyun, did you go to classes last week? What did they teach?
qǔqíbǐnggān ,nǐ méi lái ?
Cookies. You didn't go?
wǒ qù tóngxuéjùhuì le ,qǔqíbǐnggān nán zuò ma ?
I went to a party with classmates. Are cookies hard to make?
wǒ juéde bǐ dàn\'gāo jiǎndān ,xiān bǎ miànfěn jīdàn huángyóu hé shuǐ àn bǐlì jiǎobàn ,zuòchéng yīgè miàntuán zài yābiǎn ,ránhòu yòng gèzhǒng mújù yāchū gèzhǒng zàoxíng ,zuìhòu yòng kǎoxiāng yībǎibāshí dù kǎo shíwǔ fēnzhōng 。
I think they are easier than cake. First, you mix the right amount of flour, eggs, butter and water together, and make it into a dough which you then press down. After that, you use all kinds of cookie molds to cut out all kinds of shapes. Lastly, you use the oven to bake them for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.
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