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Backpacking to Tibet 风光在险峰—西藏之旅

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ID: 4563 Upper Intermediate
Backpacking, Airbnb, popular Tibet sights, Rhodiola rosea (medicine for altitude sickness) … learn them in this lesson! 西藏旅行的广告听起来那么棒,自然有背包客跃跃欲试了,来听听他出发前的这段对话吧! HSK lvl 5 发愁 年代 无奈 HSK lvl 6 海拔 当心 风光
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发愁 fāchóu to worry; to fret; to be anxious
年代 niándài age; era
一应俱全 yīyīngjùquán with everything needed available
垂涎 chuíxián to water at the mouth
wā ,nǐ de bēibāo kuàiyào yǒu yīgē rén nàme gāo le ,nǐ shì bǎ jiā dōu zhuāng jìnqù le ma ?
Wow, your backpack is almost as tall as a man. Are you trying to pack your whole house?
bēibāokè zhuānyòng dǒng bù dǒng ,bēibāo zài shǒu ,yīshí zhù dōu bù fāchóu 。
Backpackers language what do you know, a backpack in hand, you need not worry about clothing and food
zhè dōu shénme niándài le ,nǐ chūmén lu:3xíng hái hé bānjiā yīyàng ,xiànzài suíbiàn shàng àibǐyíng dìng ge mínsù ,shénme dōngxi bù dōu yīyīngjùquán ?
What era is this now to pack your home for a trip? Nowadays just go onto Airbnb to book a homestay and you’ll find everything you need.
nǐ dǒng shénme ,děng wǒ dào le ChuānZàng nàbian ,néng shuì ge dàtōngpù hē kǒu rèshuǐ jiù bùcuò la 。
What do you know? It’s not bad already if I can get some sleep in a shelter with long beds and drink hot water when I get to Sichuan-Tibet
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