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Attitudes toward Religion

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ID: 0260 Upper Intermediate
Between 1937-39, over 20,000 Jewish families migrated to Shanghai. Today, north of the city center, there is still a flourishing Jewish community. China is also seeing more and more Christian churches popping up. So how does the average Chinese feel about others who pray to a different higher being? We’ll learn all about it in Mandarin Chinese, in a podcast on the subject.
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做礼拜 zuò lǐbài to attend religious services
xìn to believe in
基督教 Jīdūjiào Christianity
基督教徒 Jīdū jiàotú Christian
zhège zhōumò guò de zěnyàng ?
How was your weekend?
háibùcuò 。zhōurì wǒ hái hé péngyou qù jiàotáng zuò lǐbài le 。
Not bad. On Sunday I went to church with a friend.
yuánlái nǐ xìn Jīdū ā ?
Oh, you’re a Christian?
bùshì de ,wǒ bìng bù shì Jīdū jiàotú 。zuótiān shì wǒ dìyīcì qù jiàotáng ,yě shì wǒ dìyīcì cānjiā zhème zhèngshì de zhǔrìlǐbài 。zhè zhēnshì yīcì tèbié de tǐyàn 。yǔqí shuō wǒ zài cānyù yīzhǒng zōngjiào de huódòng ,hái bùrú shuō wǒ shòudào le yīzhǒng zōngjiào wénhuà de xūntáo 。
No, I’m not at all. Yesterday was my first time in a church, and it was my first time attending a formal Sunday service. It was a really special experience. Rather than saying I was participating in a kind of religious activity, it was more like receiving a kind of religious cultural experience.
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