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Assembling IKEA Furniture

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ID: 1247 Upper Intermediate
For the last four hours, you've been wandering around the furniture store, looking at the latest in Swedish design. Now that you've settled on the unpronounceable book case, it's time to bring it home and put it together. And that's where the fun begins! In today's Chinese podcast, you'll learn the Mandarin that will let you build the bookshelf of your dreams. ChinesePod gives you all the tools you need to attain fluency.
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zhuāng to assemble
特地 tèdì expressly
工具箱 gōngjùxiāng tool box
宜家 Yíjiā IKEA (Swedish furniture company)
āi ,wǒmen háishì qǐng biérén zhuāng ba 。zìjǐ zhuāng shízài tài lèi le ,hái děi tèdì mǎi ge gōngjùxiāng 。
Agh, let's hire somebody to build it for us. Building it ourselves is so tiring. Plus you have to buy a tool chest just for this.
Yíjiā de lèqù jiùshì zìjǐ zhuāng 。yàobu gànmá dàlǎoyuǎn de pǎodào Yíjiā lái mǎi ?
The fun of IKEA is building things yourself. Otherwise, why on earth would anyone go so far away to buy something from IKEA?
hǎoba hǎoba ,zìjǐ zhuāng !
Fine, fine. Let's build it ourselves.
jīntiān gěi nǐ gè dòngshǒu jīhuì 。wǒ kàn shuōmíngshū ,nǐ lái zhuāng 。xiān bǎ bāozhuāng chāi le ,ránhòu bǎ xiǎo pèijiàn ná chūlai 。
Today is a good chance for you to do-it-yourself. I'll read the instruction manual, and you build it. First, take apart the packaging and then take out the little fittings and accessories.
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