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Asking Indirect Questions 旁敲侧击

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ID: 2932 Upper Intermediate
Is Lee's daughter single? I bet she would be a good match with Zhao's daughter? Tune in to today's lesson, where you will learn how to ask indirect questions about people's relationship status, common sayings surrounding romantic relationships and some great phrases that you'll need when you are setting someone up. You'll also get some great cultural insights to some traditional expectations and requirements that are deemed necessary to be a good match. Photo by Will Powell
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令千金 lìngqiānjīn your daughter (honorific)
好说 hǎoshuō you flatter me
独奏 dúzòu solo musical performance
经济 jīngjì economy
Lǎo Lǐ ā ,shàng ge lǐbài liánhuānhuì shàng kàndào nǐ hé lìngqiānjīn yī gè chànggē 、yī gè tánqín ,zhēn shì hǎo qínyì 、hǎo gēhóu !
Lee! I saw you and your daughter at last week's party. One was playing the piano and one was singing. What a skilled pianist and what a great voice!
hǎoshuō hǎoshuō ,háibùshì wǒ nǚér shuō dúzòu qìfen bùgòu ,yìngshì bǎ wǒ lā shàngqù chàng ,wǒ ne ,jiùshì fùzé chǎo rè qìfen de 。
You flatter me. It was my daughter who said that if she played alone, it would be a dull atmosphere. She forced me on stage to sing. So it was my job to get a good atmosphere going.
wǒ jìde nǐ shuō lìngqiānjīn dàxué gāng bìyè shìma ?hǎoxiàng xué de shì jīngjì ,zěnme qín yě tán de zhème hǎo ya !
I remember you saying that your daughter just graduated from Univeristy, right? I think it was Economics, no? How comes she also plays piano so well?
tā ya ,jiù zhè yī gè àihào ,cóngxiǎo tán ,suàn suan yě yǒu shí lái nián le ,fǎnzhèng tā xuéxiào gōngkè yě méi ràng wǒmen dānxīn guò ,jiù ràng tā tán bēi 。
Oh her. That's the only hobby she's got. Now thinking of it, she's been playing for ten years since she was a girl. We've never had to worry about her grades so we've just let her play as much as she wants.
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