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Arrival in Jizhou

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ID: 0639 Upper Intermediate
You've heard of 'Lost', 'The Twilight Zone', and ChinesePod's famous 'Alien Abduction'... but, have you heard of Jizhou? The place where eerie flutes beckon and nagging feelings of disquietude cause cold sweats. Listen to this podcast, if you dare, and come on a Mandarin Chinese journey to a place that you may or may not return from. See you on the other side...
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人间天堂 rénjiān tiāntáng heaven on earth
喜马拉雅山 Xǐmǎlāyǎshān Himalayas
偏僻 piānpì remote
荒凉 huāngliáng desolate
à !zhōngyú dào Jìzhōu le !zhèlǐ zhēnshì rénjiān tiāntáng a !nǐ kàn ,Xǐmǎlāyǎshān jiù zài wǒmen yǎnqián !
Ah, we're finally in Jizhou! It's really heaven on earth here. Look, the Himalayas are right before us!
wǒ cónglái méi hūxī guo zhème xīnxiān de kōngqì 。nǐ kàn ,tiānkōng duō lán ,érqiě tèbié jìn ,hǎoxiàng shēnshǒu jiù kěyǐ mōdào 。
I've never breathed such fresh air before. Look how blue the sky is, and how especially close, as if you could stretch out your arm and touch it.
zhège dìfang jiào Jìzhōu zhēn shì yīdiǎn dōu méicuò 。nàme piānpì ,huāngliáng 。wánquán méiyǒu shòudào xiàndài shèhuì de yǐngxiǎng 。xiànzài wǒmen yě kěyǐ tǐhuì yīxià shǎoshù mínzú de shēnghuó le 。
Jizhou is just the right name for this place. It's so remote and desolate. It's completely unaffected by modern society. And now we can get a feel for ethnic minority life.
bié wàng le ,wǒmen háiyào tànsuǒ kōngluòzú de shénmì wénhuà ne 。tāmen dào xiànzài háishi zìjǐzìzú ,bù hé wàijiè jiēchù 。
Don't forget we also have to explore the Kongluo people's mysterious culture. Even now they're still self-sufficient, and don't have contact with the outside world.
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