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Applying For a Visa

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ID: 0154 Upper Intermediate
Prior to 1979, a great look at the Great Wall was nothing more than a great dream. These days, you’re more than welcome to visit the P.R.C., but not without a proper visa. Thinking about coming? Love learning Mandarin? How ‘bout we combine the two in a podcast lesson on sorting out your travel documentation, using Mandarin Chinese.
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领事馆 lǐngshìguǎn consulate
签证 qiānzhèng visa
咨询 zīxún advisory
申请 shēnqǐng to apply for
nǐhǎo ,zhèlǐ shì Zhōngguó zhù Niǔyuē lǐngshìguǎn qiānzhèng zīxún fúwù 。nín xūyào shénme bāngzhù ?
Hello, this is the visa inquiry service at the Chinese consulate in New York. How can I help you?
wǒ yào shēnqǐng qù Zhōngguó de qiānzhèng 。shǒuxù shì zěnmeyàng de ?
I want to apply for a visa to China. What is the procedure?
首先,你要填写一张申请表格并附上一张证件照片。在表格上签字,并付理签证费。 你可以从网上下载申请表格,或者来大使馆签证处领取。完成表格后,你可以邮寄或者本人递交。
shǒuxiān ,nǐ yào tiánxiě yī zhāng shēnqǐng biǎogé bìng fùshàng yī zhāng zhèngjiàn zhàopiàn 。zài biǎogé shàng qiānzì ,bìng fùlǐ qiānzhèng fèi 。 nǐ kěyǐ cóng wǎngshàng xiàzài shēnqǐng biǎogé ,huòzhě lái dàshǐguǎn qiānzhèng chù lǐngqǔ 。wánchéng biǎogé hòu ,nǐ kěyǐ yóujì huòzhě běnrén dìjiāo 。
First of all, you need to fill in an application form and attach a passport photo. Sign the form and pay the application fee. You may download the form from the internet or pick it up from the embassy. When you finish the form, you may submit it by post or in person.
qiānzhèng fèi duōshǎo qián ?yào zěnme jiāo ?
How much is the application fee? How do I pay?
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