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Any Free Garlic With That?

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ID: 2855 Upper Intermediate
If you wanna get fresh and tasty produce there is no better place than a traditional market. However, buying things from a traditional market usually comes with a linguistic price. Listen to a newbie shopper barter with a theatrical veg seller! You'll learn plenty of terms and phrases that you'll need to survive in a traditional market as well as some very creative ways to talk about vegetables. Photo by changyisheng
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zhāi to pluck
娇艳欲滴 jiāoyànyùdī plump and tender
jīn catty (roughly half a kilogram)
产地 chǎndì place of production
lái kàn kan ō ,jīntiān cài hěn xīnxiān ō !qīngchén gāng zhāi ,liùdiǎn sòng lái ,xiànzài bā diǎn jiù màigěi nǐ 。
Come and look, today's vegetables are really fresh! Plucked this morning and delivered at six and now at eight I'm selling them to you.
zhème yǒu xiàolǜ ā ,lǎobǎn ,nǐmen kòngxīncài zěnmemài ?
How efficient, Mister, in what quantity do you sell the water spinach?
zhè wèi kèrén nǐ yǎnguāng hǎo ,nǐ kàn jīntiān kòngxīncài jiāoyànyùdī ,yī jīn wǔ kuài 。
You've got some eye there buddy, you can see how plump and tender today's water spinach is. It's RMB5 for half a kilogram.
jiāoyànyùdī kěyǐ nálái xíngróng cài ma ?dàn yě tài guì le ,wǒ shàngcì mǎi yī jīn cái sān kuài bàn 。
Plump and tender can be used to describe vegetables? But it's really too expensive, last time I just paid RMB3.50 for half a kilogram.
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