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ID: 0224 Upper Intermediate
You sure are clever, and we sure are too. So let’s do what clever people do and talk about clever things… I don’t know, say…anthropology? And to be extra clever, let’s learn all about it in Mandarin Chinese in this podcast. So when your friends ask you “what’s up?” you can say “Oh, you know – just talking about anthropology. In Mandarin.” Someone’s getting a dinner party invite!
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演讲 yǎnjiǎng to lecture
shù forgive
孤陋寡闻 gūlòuguǎwén ignorant
顾名思义 gùmíngsīyì as the name suggests
nǐ zhīdao ma ?guójì zhùmíng rénlèixuéjiā 、Hélán Láidùn dàxué de Hēnglì Kèlàisēn jiàoshòu yào lái wǒmen xuéxiào yǎnjiǎng le 。
Have you heard that Professor Henri Claessen, renowned anthropologist from Leyton University in the Netherlands, is coming to our school to give a speech?
á ?shù wǒ gūlòuguǎwén ,qíshí wǒ yīzhí bù dǒng rénlèixué dàodǐ shì yánjiū shénme de ?
What? Excuse my ignorance, I actually never knew what anthropology is all about.
rénlèixué gùmíngsīyì jiùshì yánjiū rénlèi jí rén de yǎnbiàn lìshǐ de yā 。tā shèjí lìshǐ ,wénhuà ,kǎogǔ děng duō fāngmiàn de nèiróng 。
Anthropology, as the name implies, is the study of the human species and its evolution. It touches on all sorts of disciplines from history and culture to archaeology.
这么说达尔文的 《 进化论 》 也是属于人类学的一部分?
zhème shuō Dáěrwén de 《 Jìnhuàlùn 》 yě shì shǔyú rénlèixué de yībùfèn ?
So Darwin's Theory of Evolution is part of anthropology?
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