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Annual Meeting Raffle

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ID: 2104 Intermediate
Throughout China around Chinese New Year, offices hold annual meetings where employees are compelled, er, encouraged to perform in variety shows for the entire office. Of course, this evening of embarrassment isn't without an upside. Raffles are often held with prizes like vacations for lucky employees. In this lesson, have a listen as two employees go through the ordeal.
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年会 niánhuì annual meeting
节目 jiémù program, performance
不是......就是...... bùshì ... jiùshì ... either ... or ...
cái to result in
āi ,měinián niánhuì de jiémù dōu chàbuduō 。bùshì chànggē ,jiùshì tiàowǔ 。zhēn méi yìsi !
Ah, these annual meeting performances are the same every year. It's either singing or dancing. So lame!
zhèyàng cái rènao ma !dāihuǐr jiùyào chōujiǎng le 。bù zhīdào jīnnián shéi huì zhòng dàjiǎng ?
This is how you create a festive atmosphere! So the raffle drawing is soon. I wonder who's going to get the grand prize this year?
fǎnzhèng kěndìng bùshì wǒ 。wǒ měinián dōu shì ná ānwèi jiǎng de 。
Well it certainly won't be me. I get the consolation prize every year.
wā ,xièxie xiāoshòu bù tóngshì de jīngcǎi biǎoyǎn ,zhè kěshì jīnnián zuì huǒ de qímǎ wǔ !
Wow, thank you, co-workers from the sales department, for your brilliant performance. Gangnam style really was the hottest dance of the year!
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