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Animated Movies: East vs West

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ID: 2680 Intermediate
Today we discuss the difference between Japanese animated movies and Western animations such as Disney. Listen in as one person describes why they like the works of Hayao Miyazaki so much. We also learn some words to describe how the movie industry markets films.
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比较 bǐjiào relatively
宫崎骏 Gōngqíjùn Hayao Miyazaki
动画片 dònghuà piàn animated film
卡通 kǎtōng cartoon
hēi ,nǐ bǐjiào xǐhuan Gōngqíjùn háishì Díshìní ā ?
Hey, which do you like better, Hayao Miyazaki or Disney?
wǒ bú tèbié xǐhuan dònghuà piàn 。kǎtōng búshì gěi xiǎohái kàn de ma ?
I am not particularly interested in animation films. Aren't cartoons for children?
lián àosīkǎ dōu shè le dònghuà jiǎng ,nǐ bù néng shuō nàxiē píngshěn dōu shì háizi ba ?
Even the Oscars has an animation prize. You're surely not saying that the judges are all children?
duìa ,tāmen bù dōu shì bǐdépān ma !hǎo la !hǎo la !yǒu hěn duō Rìběn dònghuà dōu yǒu hěn shēn de dàolǐ 。
Yes, aren't they all Peter Pans! OK! OK! A lot of Japanese manga is very profound.
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