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Animal Proverbs: A blind cat meets a dead mouse

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ID: 4278 Intermediate
Animal metaphors are prevalent in almost every language, but people from different cultures may regard the same animal differently. In Chinese proverbs, you will see a lot of animal metaphors to symbolize human actions. In this lesson, we're showing you three common proverbs related to mice. They can be directly translated to "A cat that can catch mice doesn't purr", "A blind cat meets a dead mouse", and "When a rat crosses the streets, everyone yell 'Hit it!" Do you know what they actually mean? Check out these proverbs and learn how to apply them to daily life!
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实力 shílì strength
卖弄 màinong to show off
能力 nénglì ability
会捉老鼠的猫不叫 huìzhuōlǎoshǔdemāobùjiào lit. a cat that can catch mice doesn’t purr (idiom); fig. still waters run deep
zài Dōngfāng wénhuà zhōng ,lǎoshǔ shì yī ge bùhǎo de xiàngzhēng 。lìrú ,wǒmen huì shuō yī ge rén dǎnxiǎorúshǔ 。
In Eastern culture, mice is not a good symbol. For example, we can say a person is timid as a rat.
lǎoshǔ dōu huì duǒ zài àn chù ,suǒyǐ dōu bùhuì zuò yīxiē guāngmíngzhèngdà de shìqing 。
Mice always hide in the dark, so they don’t play fair and square.
huì zhuō lǎoshǔ de māo bù jiào
Still waters run deep.
zài Zhōngguó wénhuà zhōng ,qiānxū shì yīzhǒng měidé ,suǒyǐ yǒu shílì de rén tōngcháng bùhuì màinong zìjǐ ,dànshì nénglì bùhǎo de rén ,què chángcháng bǎ zìjǐ jiǎng de hěn hǎo 。
In Chinese culture, people regard modesty as one of the virtues, so usually competent people don’t show off; however, incompetent people would often brag about how good they are.
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