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An Urgent Call to the Embassy

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ID: 1881 Upper Intermediate
In these modern times, life is getting easier and easier. Cell phones and the internet make connecting with loved ones half a world away a simple matter. But nothing reminds us of how fragile all these amenities are like a natural disaster. In this lesson, follow along as a Chinese mother and father learn of a massive earthquake in New Zealand and anxiously try to contact their daughter who is studying there.
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新西兰 Xīnxīlán New Zealand
里氏 lǐshì Richter scale
地震 dìzhèn earthquake
Xīnxīlán sān rì zǎochén fāshēng lǐshì wǔ diǎn qī jí dìzhèn ,zhènzhōng wèiyú Huìlíngdùn xīběi yībǎi liùshí gōnglǐ chù ,zhènyuán zài dìbiǎo yǐxià liǎngbǎi gōnglǐ chù 。Běidǎo xǔduō dìqū hé Nándǎo běibù dìqū jūn yǒu zhèngǎn 。yǒu Huìlíngdùn jūmín shuō ,dìzhèn chíxù le dàyuē qī miǎozhōng ,zhèngǎn míngxiǎn 。
On the morning of the third, New Zealand experienced an earthquake of 5.7 magnitude on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located 160 kilometers northwest of Wellington. The hypocenter of the earthquake was located 200 kilometers beneath the earth's surface. Many areas on both the northern island and northern part of the southern island were affected. Residents of Wellington say that the earthquake lasted for around seven seconds and that the effects were very noticeable.
ā ,Xīnxīlán dìzhèn le ,érqiě zhènzhōng jiù zài Huìlíngdùn fùjìn !
Hey, there was an earthquake in New Zealand and the epicenter was near Wellington!
gǎnjǐn gěi nǚ\'ér dǎ diànhuà !
Give our daughter a call quick!
kuài dǎ kuài dǎ !
Hurry up and dial!
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