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An Unhappy Valentine's

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ID: 4000 Upper Intermediate
It's been a year since the breakup at Valentines, but today's character receives a call from their sister wishing them a happy Valentine's, only to stir up some unwanted emotions.
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脸色 liǎnsè complexion
特地 tèdì expressly
情人节 qíngrénjié Valentine's Day
人家 rénjiā another person; someone
shì shéi dǎ lái de diànhuà ,zěnme jiǎng zhème jiǔ ?érqiě nǐ liǎnsè zhēn nánkàn 。
Who called on the telephone? Why were you talking for so long? And you look really unhappy.
shì wǒ mèimei dǎ lái de ,tā tèdì dǎ lái zhù wǒ qíngrénjié kuàilè 。
It was my little sister, she called especially to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day.
rénjiā dǎ diànhuà lái zhùfú nǐ ,zhè yǒu shénme hǎo shēngqì de ,nǐ zhè ge dāng jiějie de yě tài nángǎo le 。
Why would you be angry that she called to wish you well? You really must be a hard person to get on with as an older sister.
nǐ yǒusuǒbùzhī 。wǒ qùnián qíngrénjié dàngtiān hé nán péngyou chǎojià fēnshǒu ,tā gānghǎo yě zàichǎng ,mùdǔ le zhěnggè jīngguò 。
There's something you don't know. Last year on Valentine's Day I split up with my boyfriend during an argument. She just happened to be there and saw it all happen.
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