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An Anniversary Surprise

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ID: 2514 Upper Intermediate
What better event to celebrate than a wedding anniversary? The wife in today's lesson seeks her friend's advice on a nice gift to reflect her sentiments on the occasion. Listen in to find out what transpires when she goes shopping for that perfect gift...
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眨眼 zhǎyǎn to blink eyes
纪念 jìniàn to commemorate
开业 kāiyè to start or open a business
情侣 qínglǚ lovers
zhēn shì tàiyángdǎxībiānchūlái la !jīntiān zěnme yǒu xián gōngfu yuē wǒ chūlái guàngjiē a ?nǐ gè dàmángrén ,píngshí xiǎng yuē nǐ yīqǐ chī gè fàn dōu děi fèi lǎodà de jìnr ne 。
The sun has really risen in the west! How come you have free time today to meet me to go shopping? You are such a busy bee. Normally, if I want to meet you to eat a meal, I have to move heaven and earth.
āiyā ,wǒ zhè quánzhítàitai yě bù qīngsōng a !jiāwù suǒshì nàme duō ,háiyào zhàogù liǎ bǎoér 。háishì nǐ hǎo ,kàn nǐ shēnghuó de nàme xiǎozī 。
Oh my, being a housewife is not cushy. There is so much housework and little chores, and also looking after the two babies. You got it better. Look at the yuppie life you have.
hǎo la hǎo la !wǒmen dōu bié shēngzàifúzhōngbùzhīfú le 。jīntiān zhǔnbèi qù nǎ sǎohuò a ?
Ok, ok! We both shouldn't take what we have for granted. Where are we planning to go today for our shopping binge?
qíshí hòutiān shì wǒ hé lǎogōng jiéhūn qī zhōunián jìniànrì 。wǒ xiǎng lái xiǎng qù ,bù zhīdào gāi sòng shénme hǎo 。nǐ bǐjiào yǒu pǐnwèi ,bāng wǒ cānmóu cānmóu bei ?
Actually, the day after tomorrow is the seventh wedding anniversary for my husband and me. I have thought it over and over, but I don't know what would be good to give him. You have good taste. Could you give me some advice?
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