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An ad for a holiday in Tibet 西藏旅游广告

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ID: 4200 Upper Intermediate
A useful lesson based on an advertisement for tourists to Tibet. Join us in this 2 parts lesson for a trip to Tibet! 西藏——一块纯洁而神秘的圣土,让我们跟着这一则广告,感受西藏的魅力吧!
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蕴藏 yùncáng to hold in store
传说 chuánshuō legend; folklore; to repeat from mouth to mouth
兄弟 xiōngdì brothers; younger brother
体验 tǐyàn to experience for oneself
Xīzàng shì yīgē yùncáng zhe wúshù měilì chuánshuō hé zuìrén fēngjǐng de shénqí dìfang 。
Tibet is a magical place with countless beautiful legends and intoxicating scenery.
wǒmen shì yīgē Zàngzú mínjū gǎizào de kèzhàn ,yǒu ge fángjiān ,měitiān dōu yǒu láizì wǔhúsìhǎi de xiōngdì jiěmèi liúsù 。
We are an inn that has been refurbished from traditional Tibet dwellings. There are 20 rooms, and every day there are tourists (literal meaning-brothers and sisters) from all corners of the world.
wǎnshang lu:2yǒu men yīqǐ dàn jítā 、chànggē 、liáotiān ,tǐyàn chúnpǔ de shēnghuó ,dúzì lu:3xíng de péngyou zài zhèlǐ kěyǐ gàobié gūdú de zīwèi le 。
In the evening, backpackers play guitar, sing, chat, and experience a simple life. Friends who travel alone can say goodbye to loneliness.
wǒmen wèi nǐ tígōng Lāsà shēndù yóu de xìnxī ,ràng nǐ lǐnglu:è zuì zhèngzōng de tián chá guǎn ,hé zàngmín yīqǐ chī zuì dìdao de shíwù 。
We provide you with in-depth information of Lhasa tours, allowing you to experience the most authentic sweet tea from tea houses and eat the most authentic Tibetan food.
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