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American Chinese Food

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ID: 2074 Upper Intermediate
American favorites from Chinese take out include dishes like crab rangoon, General Tso's chicken and orange beef. However, these dishes are more American than Chinese. In fact, most Chinese people are unlikely to even have heard of these dishes. In this lesson, listen as two Chinese friends talk about American style Chinese food while looking for a bite to eat in the Big Apple.
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to become tired of
自助餐 zìzhùcān buffet
中式 zhōngshì Chinese style
酸酸甜甜 suānsuāntiántián sweet and sour
Niǔyuē zhēn hǎowán a !ài ,kuài liù diǎn le ,wǒmen qù chīfàn ba 。
New York is a lot of fun! Whew! It's almost 6! Let's go eat.
hǎo a ,jīntiān nǐ xiǎng chī shénme ?
Okay. What do you want to eat today?
zhèliǎngtiān dōu qīngyīsè de xīcān ,wǒ dōu chī nì le ,yǒudiǎnr xiǎngniàn jiāxiāng de kǒuwèi le 。yàobu wǒmen shìshi zhèlǐ de zhōngguó cài ba 。zhè fùjìn yǒu shénme Zhōngguó cānguǎn ma ?
These past two days have been nothing but Western food and I'm getting tired of it. I miss the tastes of home. How about we try some Chinese food. Are there any Chinese restaurants in the area?
zhèlǐ zuì chángjiàn de jiùshì zhōngshì zìzhùcān 。
Around here you're most likely to see Chinese buffets.
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