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Always Eating Out

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ID: 2999 Upper Intermediate
In Asia, eating out is a common practice. Not only is tasty food available on every street corner, but also, many people live in small apartments where perhaps they don’t have a functioning kitchen. However, the downside of eating out regularly is that you can’t control what’s going into your food which can impact your health over time. Photo by gianlucaponti
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麻辣火锅 málà huǒguō spicy hot pot
外食 wàishí restaurant food; take-away
没办法 méi bànfǎ to have no solution
无可奈何 wúkěnàihé to have no other way
Xiǎo Lì ,wǎncān chī shénme ?yào bù yào gēn wǒ yīqǐ qù chī gè málà huǒguō ā ?
Xiaoli, what are you eating for dinner? Do you want to go with me to eat spicy hotpot?
wǒ bù qù le ,wǎnshang wǒ xiǎng zài jiā chī 。nǐ zuìjìn hǎoxiàng chángcháng chī wàishí ?
I don't want to go, I want to eat at home tonight. You seem to be eating out a lot lately?
méi bànfǎ ā ,zìcóng wǒ bānjiā le yǐhòu ,jīhū cāncān dōu zài wàimian jiějué 。
I've got no other choice. Since I moved house, I eat almost all of my meals out.
měi cān dōu zài wàimian chī ,zhèyàng bùtài hǎo ba 。
It's not to good to eat every meal out, is it?
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