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AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol

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ID: 2895 Intermediate
In March 2016, Google DeepMind developed a computer Go programme that beat professional "Go" player Lee Sedol multiple times in Seoul. The game Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players that originated in ancient China In this lesson, we discuss the future of artificial intelligence, and how we could all be controlled by machines in the near future or at least have very difficult games of Go. Photo by The Verge
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统治 tǒngzhì to rule over
宇宙 yǔzhòu universe
围棋比赛 wéiqíbǐsài the game of go
关系 guānxi relationship
ài ,wǒ hǎo dānxīn réngōng zhìnéng zhēnde huì tǒngzhì zhěnggè yǔzhòu ā !
Agh, I'm really worried that artificial intelligence will rule the entire universe!
ò ?zěnme shuō ne ?
Oh? What do you mean?
wǒ gānggāng kàn le yī chǎng wéiqí bǐsài 。
I just watched a game of go.
wéiqí bǐsài ?zhè gēn réngōng zhìnéng tǒngzhì yǔzhòu yǒu shénme guānxi 。
A game of go? What's that got to do with artificial intelligence ruling the universe.
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