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All about Can: 能 (néng),会 (huì),可以 (kěyǐ)

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ID: QW0415 Intermediate
  Today's Qing Wen takes a deeper look at the characters 能 (néng) 可以 (kěyǐ) and 会 (huì). These characters can all translate as "can" or "be able to" but when you actually come to compare the differences, it can get a bit tricky. Hopefully, this video will be helpful for elementary students for a general overview, as well as higher level learners who want to figure out which is best to use in certain situations. Watch the video and make sure to look at all the example sentences.
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to be able to; can
nǐ néng bù néng bāng wǒ yī gè máng ?
Can you help me? / Are you able to help me?
wǒ gǎnmào le ,bùnéng shuōhuà 。
I've got the flu, I can't speak / I've got the flu, I'm unable to speak
nǐ nàme cōngming ,yīdìng néng huídá zhè ge wèntí 。
You're so smart. You can definitely answer this question. / You'll definitely be able to answer this question.
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