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Afternoon Tea

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ID: 2998 Intermediate
Afternoon tea, also known as cream tea (Devonshire or Cornish) is a form of small meal, usually consumed between lunch and dinner. Consisting of tea with scones and other cakes, it is something of a tradition in many parts of the UK as well as internationally. Listen as two friends dine out on a British style afternoon tea and discuss the dish. Photo from pixabay
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英式 yīngshì English; British
地道 dìdao authentic
进口 jìnkǒu imported
用料 yòngliào ingredients
xièxie nǐ dài wǒ lái hē yīngshì xiàwǔchá ,wǒ cónglái méiyǒu hē guò dìdao de yīngshì wǔchá ne !
Thank you for bringing me to drink English-style afternoon tea. I've never drunk authentic English afternoon tea before!
āi !bié kèqi !zhè jiā cāntīng de chá dōu shì Yīngguó jìnkǒu de ,lián diǎnxīn de yòngliào yě shì ,hěn shǎojiàn 。
Agh! Don't mention it! This tea at this place is imported from the UK. Even the ingredients for the pastries are too. That's really quite rare.
nǐ zhīqián zài Yīngguó yě chángcháng hē xiàwǔchá ma ?
Did you often drink afternoon tea in the UK before?
dàgài měi ge yuè dōuhuì tèdì qù cāntīng hē yīcì 。
I would go to a restaurant to drink it around once every month or so.
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