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ID: 2771 Upper Intermediate
Learn to talk about marketing and advertising terms in Chinese. Listen to a couple exploring their views on recent advertising tactics and what they feel about advertising in general.
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qiáo to look
傻气 shǎqì foolish
配备 pèibèi to be equipped with
正是 zhèngshì to be exactly
yòu lái le ,nǐ kàn ,měicì zhèzhǒng SUV qìchē guǎnggào lǐ dōuyào yǒu zhī gǒu ,ránhòu jiù shì shàng shān xià hǎi ,cǎoyuán xīxiào 。
Here we go again! Look, in every SUV commercial they always have a dog, and then they go on a daytrip and there are scenes of them having fun in grassy meadows.
yǒu zhī gǒu ma ,xīyǐnrén yǎnqiú ,nǐ qiáo zhè huángjīnlièquǎn ,mǎnliǎn shǎqì ,yòu piàoliang 、yòu kě ài ,nǐ bù tíng xiàlai kàn dōu bùxíng 。
Having a dog attracts the eye. Look at this Golden Retriever, it looks so dumb, but it's also beautiful and cute. It just makes you want to stop what you're doing and watch.
dàn yě yòngbuzháo nòng de hǎoxiàng huángjīnlièquǎn shì lǚxíng jīběn pèibèi ba ?yǎng tiáo gǒu bùshì dài chūqù wánr wanr éryǐ ,shì shēnghuó de yībùfēn yē 。
But they don't need to act like Golden Retrievers are a basic necessity for travel, do they? A dog isn't just for traveling with, it's a part of one's life.
zhèngshì yīnwèi rúcǐ ,gèng ràng zhè lǚxíng chē yǒu zhǒng shēnghuógǎn ,píngshí shēnghuó lǐ ,shéi sānbùwǔshí yǒukòng kāi liàng dà chē ,mànshānbiànyě de pǎo ?wèile piàn nǐ mǎi ,zhǐhǎo nòng tiáo gǒu lái ,gǎo de hǎoxiàng chēzi yě shì wánbàn le 。
This is the very reason they do it, to bring a sense of the everyday to the vehicle. In everyday life, who has the time to drive off in a big vehicle all the time on leisurely trips to the country? To fool you into buying, they have to put a dog in there, as if the car is a companion on the trip.
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