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Adventures of a Shopaholic

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ID: 2506 Upper Intermediate
Shopaholics live for shopping. So for them, a sale is absolutely heaven! Today's lesson relates the escapades of one shopaholic and her husband's opinion of her buying habits.
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忽悠 hūyou to be duped
被动消费 bèidòngxiāofèi passive consumption
意愿 yìyuàn desire
闲置 xiánzhì unused
lǎogōng ,wǒ huílái la 。
Hubby, I came back.
zhème duō dàbāoxiǎobāo ,nǐ qù gòuwù la 。
You have so many big and small bags. You went shopping.
shì a ,xiàbān lùshang kànjiàn shāngchǎng zài to do tèmàihuì ,jiù qù xuèpīn le yī bǎ ,lǎogōng ,kàn wǒ chuān zhè jiàn hǎo bu hǎokàn ?
Yeah, on the way, after I finished work I saw that the shopping mall was having a special sale event and so I went on a shopping spree. Hubby, what do you think about what I am wearing?
hǎokàn ,bùguò xiànzài tiānqì zhème rè ,nǐ mǎi yǔróngfú gànmá ?
It looks good. But the weather is so hot right now. Why on earth did you buy a down coat?
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