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Adventures in Eating

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ID: 2134 Upper Intermediate
Exploring the world of Chinese food is not for the faint of heart. Those of us not used to eating the organs of animals should be weary. Many traditional Chinese dishes revel in using all kinds of offal in their preparation. And names can be misleading. Even if you think you know what is in a dish, it's easy to get it wrong. In this lesson, two friends check out the food at a Taiwanese night market and are in for a surprise. Also, be sure to check out the new task feature below, ChinesePod's newest way to enrich your learning experience along with fellow poddies!
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猪血糕 zhūxiěgāo glutinous rice covered in pig's blood
猪血 zhūxiě pig's blood
糯米 nuòmǐ glutinous rice
恶心 ěxīn disgusting, vile
wā ,Táiwān de yèshì guǒrán míngbùxūchuán 。nàbiān páiduì pái de nàme cháng ,kěndìng yǒu hǎochī de ,wǒmen qù kànkan 。
Wow, Taiwanese night markets really do live up to their reputation. That line is so long, it's got to be for something good to eat. Let's go check it out.
suàn le ba ,nàlǐ mài de shì zhūxiěgāo ,nǐ kěndìng bù yào chī 。
Forget it. They sell zhuxuegao over there. You definitely don't want to eat it.
zhūxiěgāo ,shì shénme ?
Zhuxuegao, what's that?
jiùshì zhūxiě jiāshàng nuòmǐ 。
It's pig's blood added to glutinous rice.
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