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A Promotion

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ID: 0123 Intermediate
You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a good, pro-active, self-motivating individual. So we’ll make you a deal. After listening to this lesson, you tell 10 friends about ChinesePod and we’ll tell your boss all of those aforementioned qualities. In this podcast, learn to talk about promotions and getting a raise in Mandarin Chinese. Who knows, maybe with your new found language skills, it'll really happen!
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消息 xiāoxi news
升职 shēngzhí to promote
想到 xiǎngdào to think of
态度 tàidu attitude
jīntiān wǒ yǒu hǎo xiāoxi 。lǎobǎn gàosù wǒ tā zhǔnbèi shēng wǒ zuò shìchǎng bù jīnglǐ 。
I got some great news today. My boss told me that she is going to promote me to marketing manager.
tài hǎole !nǐ xiǎngdào huì shēng zhí ma ?
That’s fantastic! Did you expect to get a promotion?
méiyǒu 。wǒ cóngláiméiyǒu xiǎngdào zhème kuài huì shēng zhí 。dànshì ,lǎobǎn shuō wǒ de gōngzuò tàidu hé biǎoxiàn dōu hěn chūsè 。tā shuō wǒ yīnggāi bèi shēng zhí 。
No. I never expected to get a promotion so soon. But my boss said that my working attitude and performance are excellent and that I deserve a promotion.
nǐ jiā duōshǎo xīnshuǐ ?
How much of a raise are you getting?
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