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A letter from George H.W. Bush 老布什的一封信

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ID: 4146 Intermediate
We remember George H. W. Bush by reading his hand-written letter to President Bill Clinton. See below for HSK vocabulary covered. 老布什去世了,但他高尚的人格却非常值得我们学习。从他写给克林顿的信中,就能看出他的大度。现在就让我们一起来看看这封手写信吧。 汉语水平考试词汇 (HSK vocabulary): 鼓励(4) 喜悦(6) 孤单(4) 面临(5) 困难(4) 批评(5) 建议(4) 顺利(4)
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鼓励 gǔlì to encourage
敬意 jìngyì respect
喜悦 xǐyuè happy
困难 kùnnan difficult; challenging; straitened circumstances
qīnàide Bǐěr :
Dear Bill,
cǐkè wǒ zǒujìn zhège bàngōngshì ,gǎnshòu dào hé sì nián qián yīmóyīyàng de jīngqí hé jìngyì 。
When I walked into this office just now I felt the same sense of wonder and respect that I felt four years ago.
wǒ zhīdào nǐ yě huì yǒu xiāngtóng gǎnshòu ,wǒ xīwàng nǐ néng zài cǐ xiǎngshòu dào jídà de xǐyuè 。
I know you will feel that, too. I wish you great happiness here.
wǒ cóngwèi xiàng mǒuxiē rén shuō de ,gǎnshòu dào dānrèn zǒngtǒng de gūdān 。
I never felt the loneliness some presidents have described.
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