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A Letter for My Child

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ID: 2606 Upper Intermediate
Being a mother to any child holds rewards and challenges, in this lesson we hear about the joy a special child brings into his mother's life.
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唐氏 tángshì Down's (syndrome)
天塌下来 tiāntā xiàlai For one's world to turn upside down
上天 shàngtiān god; the heavens
赐予 cìyǔ to give (to an inferior)
qīn ài de yángyáng
Dear Yangyang
jīntiān shì nǐ dì yī cì cānjiā xuéxiào de yùndònghuì ,qùwèi pǎobù bǐsài nǐ pǎo le dì yī míng ,bàba māma wèi nǐ gǎndào fēicháng jiāoào !
Today is your first time attending a school sports day. Your father and I were so proud at you coming first place in the fun run.
nǐ shì yī gè tèbié de háizi ,dāng nǐ hái zài māma dùzi lǐ de shíhou ,māma jiù yǐjīng zhīdao le 。
You are a very special child, when you were still in your mother's tummy, your mother already knew that.
dāng yīshēng gàosu wǒ bǎobao rǎnsètǐ yìcháng ,shì tángshì bǎobao de shíhou ,māma de gǎnjué xiàng shì tiān tā xiàlai yīyàng 。
When the doctor told me that there were abnormalities with our baby's chromosomes and that the baby had Down's syndrome, I felt like my world was falling apart.
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