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A Gamer's Collectibles

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ID: 2526 Upper Intermediate
Do you like to collect things? The gamer in our dialogue today sure does, and it happens to be moving day so his friend comes over to help. Find out what his friend discovers in his collection...
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通宵 tōngxiāo all night long
虚脱 xūtuō to collapse
搭个手 dāgèshǒu to give a hand
两肋插刀 liǎnglèichādāo to help a friend even at risk to one's life
shéi a ?nàme zǎo !
Who is it? It's so early!
dōu zhōngwǔ le ,nǐ xiǎozi hái méi qǐchuáng a !tàiyáng dōu shài pìgu le 。gāi bùhuì zuówǎn yòu wánr tōngxiāo le ba ?
It's already noon and this boy hasn't got up yet! The sun has already shone on your bum. It isn't because you were playing again all night, is it?
bānjiā bān de xūtuō le ,nǎ háiyǒu shíjiān mō shǔbiāo a 。jīntiān háiyào zhěnglǐ yī dà duī dōngxi ,suǒyǐ bǎ nǐ jiào guòlái dāgèshǒu 。
I'm exhausted from moving. How could I find the time to even touch the mouse? Today, I have to put a big pile of stuff in order, so I asked you to come over to give me a hand.
nǐ kàn nǐ yī gè diànhuà wǒ jiù lái ,wǒ jiùshì nàzhǒng wèi xiōngdì liǎnglèichādāo de rén 。běnlái dǎsuàn zǔduì dǎ Dota de ……
See, I came as soon as you called. I am exactly the sort of friend to sacrifice everything for my brother. Originally, I had planned to organize a team to play DOTA.....
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