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A Formal Apology

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ID: 2474 Upper Intermediate
When you need to write a formal apology letter, it is important to do it correctly. How can you impress the recipient with the graveness of your error and yet keep it appropriately dignified? Listen in as one student receives advice on how to compose the perfect apology letter.
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致歉信 zhìqiànxìn apology letter
赔礼 péilǐ to offer an apology
坦率 tǎnshuài frankly
平息 píngxī to cool down (anger) to quiet down
zuótiān tī qiú bǎ xuéxiào yuángōng sùshè yī lóu de yī kuài bōli gěi tī suì le 。lǎoshī shuō yào wǒ xiě fēng zhīqiànxìn ,zhèngshì péilǐ dàoqiàn 。wǒ cónglái méi xiě guo ,zhè zěnme xiě ya ?
When I was playing soccer yesterday, I broke a section of glass in the first floor of the school's staff dormitory. The teacher said I have to write an apology letter to formally apologize. I have never written one before. How do I write it?
zhè ge róngyì 。shǒuxiān ,yào tǎnshuài de chéngrèn zìjǐ de cuòwù ,shǐ duìfāng de nùqì píngxī xiàlai 。ránhòu fēnxī zìjǐ fàncuò de yuányīn ,shùshuō zìjǐ de nánchu 。zài kěnqǐng duìfāng lǐjiě ,yuánliàng nǐ de guòshī 。
That's easy. First, you need to frankly admit your mistake to make the other person cool down from his anger. Afterwards analyze the reasons you made the mistake, and give an account of your difficulties. Then earnestly request the other person to understand and forgive your error.
wǒ néng xiǎngdào de dàoqiàn de huà jiùshì sān gè zì ——“duìbuqǐ ”。
The three words of apology that I can think of are this --"Sorry".
dāngrán háiyǒu jìqiǎo ne 。nǐ yào kuādà zìjǐ de guòcuò 。
There's more skill to it than that of course. You need to exaggerate your mistake.
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