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A Difference of Opinion

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ID: 2454 Upper Intermediate
It's bound to happen sooner or later. There's a difference of opinion at your workplace. Learn how to tactfully but firmly state your case in Chinese!
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销售额 xiāoshòu é sales volume
下降 xiàjiàng to fall
季节性 jìjiéxìng seasonal
有关 yǒuguān concerning sth, to do with sth
zhè ge jìdù gōngsī de xiāoshòu é bǐ shàng gè jìdù xiàjiàng le bǎifēnzhīèrshí
This quarter the company's sales volume has fallen 20 percent from last quarter.
zhè hé jìjiéxìng yǒuguān 。měinián zhège shíhòu wǒmen de shēngyì zǒngshì bùtài hǎo 。
This has to do with seasonal changes. Every year at this time our business is never very good.
wǒ juéde bùguāng shì jìjiéxìng 。yǐqián xiàjiàng é yībān yějiùshì bǎifēnzhīwǔ zuǒyòu zuìjìn wǒmen zài xuānchuán shàng tóurù de yě shǎo ,xiāoshòu é dāngrán yě jiù xiàjiàng le 。háishì yīnggāi zēngjiā shìchǎngbù de yùsuàn 。
I think it's not just seasonal. Before the drop in volume was only about 5 percent. Recently our investment in promotion has also been less, so of course our sales volume has fallen. We'd better increase the marketing budget.
zhèyàng zhēnde kěyǐ ma ?jiǎnshǎo shìchǎng bù yùsuàn de bùzhǐ wǒmen yī jiā gōngsī ,yě bùjiàndé dàjiā de xiāoshòu é dōu jiǎnshǎo le 。
Is that really possible? This reduction in the marketing budget isn't limited to our company, and everybody's sales volumes haven't necessarily fallen.
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