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A Day at the Races

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ID: 1089 Upper Intermediate
If horse racing is the Sport of Kings, gambling on horses must be the Sport of Emperors! Whether you come for the geldings, or just for the gin and cigars, there's nothing like a day at the races. Today's Chinese podcast will teach you all about playing the ponies in Mandarin.
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骑师 qíshī jockey
王牌 wángpái trump card
坐骑 zuòjì mount
搭档 dādàng partner
nǚshìmen ,xiānshēngmen ,huānyíng guānglín Shìjì sàimǎ chǎng !
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Century Racetrack!
现在为您介绍骑师和他们的王牌坐骑!首先出场的是01号,身着红色马甲的王俊飞骑师和他的战马 “烈火战车”!这对完美搭档曾经获得过11周冠军。如果看好他们,就赶快投注吧!接下来是......
xiànzài wèi nín jièshào qíshī hé tāmen de wángpái zuòjì !shǒuxiān chūchǎng de shì língyī hào ,shēnzhuó hóngsè mǎjiǎ de Wáng Jùnfēi qíshī hé tā de zhànmǎ “Lièhuǒzhànchē ”!zhè duì wánměi dādàng céngjīng huòdé guo shíyī zhōu guànjūn 。rúguǒ kànhǎo tāmen ,jiù gǎnkuài tóuzhù ba !jiē xiàlái shì ......
Right now, I'll introduce the jockeys and their awesome horses! First onto the field is number one. Wearing red riding silks, jockey Wang Junfei and his horse, ''Flaming Chariot!" This dynamic duo has already won eleven weekly championships! If you're optimistic about their chances, hurry up and place a bet on them! Next up...
hū !tóuzhùjī nàlǐ rénshānrénhǎi ,háihǎo wǒ shǒukuài !mǎi le “Dōngfānghuánghòu ”。ái ,mǎ chūlái le ma ?
Oh, there's a sea of people at the betting machine. Good thing I'm so quick! I bet on ''Empress of the Orient." Hey, have the horses come out yet?
zǎo zhe ne !sīyí hái zài shāndòng rén xiàzhù ne ,xiàzhù liàng bùgòu shì bùhuì kāipǎo de !
It's still too early! The announcer is still telling everyone to go make their bets. If the pool isn't big enough, they won't hold the race!
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