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A Creepy Guy

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ID: 1991 Upper Intermediate
Any good bar has its share of dolled-up girls and shady but ever-so-eligible bachelors. Maybe he hadn't had enough to drink, maybe he has a staring problem, or maybe he just really hadn't gotten the hang of "blue steel," but in this lesson we join one of those creepy guys in a bar and find out how he fares against a lovely young lady with an attitude.
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少不了 shǎobùliǎo to not harm
假装 jiǎzhuāng to pretend
偷拍 tōupāi to secretly take pictures
逮到 dǎidào to catch, to discover
Wēiwēi ,nàbiān nàge wěisuǒ nán yīzhí zài kàn nǐ 。
Weiwei, there's a creepy guy over there that keeps looking at you.
kàn jiù kàn bei ,kàn kan yòu shǎobùliǎo yī gēn tóufa 。xiànzài wěisuǒ nán zhème duō ,lián dìtiě shàng dōu dà sèláng xiánzhūshǒu yīdàduī 。
He can look if he wants; it's not harming a hair on my head. There are so many weird guys nowadays. Even the subway is full of perverts and gropers.
shì a ,qiánjǐtiān bùshì yǒu gè xīnwén shuō ,yǒu gè wěisuǒ nán jiǎzhuāng jiǎn dōngxi ,dūn xiàlai tōupāi shénme de 。
Yeah. There was an article in the news the last few days about this creepy guy who would squat down pretending to pick things up but would actually be taking pictures and stuff.
hèng !bèi wǒ dǎidào ,yǒu tā hǎokànde 。zǎoshang yǒu gè ěxīn nán kàn wǒ ,wǒ yòng gāogēnxié shǐjìn cǎi le tā yī jiǎo 。
Hmph! If I'd caught him he'd be in for it. There was this disgusting guy looking at me this morning. I stomped on his foot with my heels.
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