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A Concerned Colleague (下)

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ID: 3077 Upper Intermediate
  This is part two of the conversation has last week between two co-workers and some old-wives tales for curing colds and mosquito bites. Find out what happens when the boss turns up to her house to check in on here. A Concerned Colleague(上).
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倒楣鬼 dǎoméiguǐ unlucky person
蹭饭 cèngfàn to beg for food
堂堂 tángtáng stately; majestic appearance
嘱咐 zhǔfù to exhort
ménlíng shēng )
(The doorbell rings)
shì nǐ de hǎo tóngshì ,wǒ lái guānxīn nǐ zhè ge dǎoméiguǐ le !
It's me, your favourite colleague, I've come to see how Mr Unlucky is doing!
zhēn shì xièxie nǐ le !wǒ zhèng zài zhǔ dōngxi chī ne !nǐ xiàbān bù huíjiā chīfàn ,láikàn wǒ gànma ?lái cèngfàn ya ?
Thank you so much! I was just cooking some food! Why'd you come to see me straight after work without going home to eat? Have you come to beg for food?
wǒ tángtáng bùmén jīnglǐ ,hái xūyào cèng nǐ jiā de fàn ma ?shì gěi nǐ dài wēishìjì lái le ,wǒ pà nǐ gānggāng méi tīng dào wǒ de xìxīn zhǔfù 。
I'm a department manager, why would I need to beg you for food? I brought whiskey for you, I was worried you didn't hear my well-meaning suggestion just now.
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