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A Concerned Colleague(上)

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ID: 3073 Upper Intermediate
  It seems lady luck is not on the side of today's interlocutor. Not only does she feel a bit ill, but mosquitoes have taken a liking to her. A concerned colleague try's to offer some suggestions to fix the cold, and stop the bites from itching.
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面有菜色 miàn yǒu càisè to be off-colour
得罪 dé zuì to offend
时运不济 shíyùnbùjì to have had fortune
看…不顺眼 kàn…búshùnyǎn to dislike the look of
nǐ zěnmele ?zhè jǐ tiān zǒngshì miàn yǒu càisè de yàngzi ?shéi dézuì nǐ le ?
What's wrong with you? You've been looking a little off-color over the last few days, no? Who has done you wrong?
wǒ ya ,zuìjìn shíyùnbùjì ,gǎnmào yǐjīng kuài yī ge yuè le ,dōu bù jiàn hǎozhuǎn ,érqiě lǎobǎn hǎoxiàng zuìjìn kàn wǒ bù shùnyǎn ,lián wénzi dōu ”dīng ”shàng wǒ ,yǎng sǐ wǒ le 。
Me? Recently luck hasn't been on my side. I've had a cold for a month already, and it hasn't gotten any better, and my boss seems to be taking issue with me recently. Even mosquitoes have been picking on me, making me itch like crazy.
hái yǐwéi shì shénme dàshì ne !zhèxiē xiǎoshì nǎ suàn de shàng shénme fánnǎo !lái lái lái ,nǎr bèi wénzi yǎo le ?wǒ ná yuánzibǐ lái gěi nǐ zuò gè jìhào ,hěn yǒuxiào de !
And I was thinking it was something serious! These little things aren't any big deal! Come, come, where were you bitten by mosquitoes? I'll mark them with a ballpoint pen, it's really effective!
èi èi èi ,děngdeng děngdeng !zhè shì shénme piānfāng ?wǒ zhǐ tīng guo bīngfū néng zhǐ yǎng 。
Ahhh! Wait wait wait! What kind of folk remedy is this? I've only heard that using a cold compress can stop itching.
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