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A Card Gets Swiped

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ID: 2416 Intermediate
Someone's credit card has been stolen! Luckily, the bank alerted them via text message. But what to do? Find out in this lesson.
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短信 duǎnxìn text message
厕所 cèsuǒ toilet
信用卡 xìnyòngkǎ credit card
消费 xiāofèi to spend
lǎopó ,nǐde shǒujī xiǎng le ,shì duǎnxìn 。
Honey, your phone is ringing. It's a text message.
wǒ zài cèsuǒ ne 。nǐ bāng wǒ kàn yīxià ba !
I'm in the bathroom. Read it for me!
nín wěihào bābājiǔjiǔ de xìnyòngkǎ shíwǔrì shíyīdiǎnlíngbāfēn xiāofèi rénmínbì sānwànwǔqiān yuán 。ā ?zhè shì zěnmehuíshìr ?nǐ xiànzài zàijiā ,zěnme huì yǒu xìnyòngkǎ xiāofèi duǎnxìn tōngzhī ?
On the 15th at 11:08, your bank card with the last four digits 8899 was charged 35,000 yuan renminbi. Huh? What do we do? You're at home. How can you receive a notice that your credit card has been charged?
shénme ?!kuài ná guòlái gěi wǒ kànkan !tiānna ,wǒ shénmeshíhou shuā guo zhème duō qián ā ?
What? Quick, let me see that! My god! When did I spend so much money?
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