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A Business Dinner with a Supplier

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ID: 0488 Intermediate
Sound formal? Well, maybe… until the booze comes out. What does drunk sound like in Mandarin Chinese? Listen in to this podcast as we revisit our Canadian businessman as he meets with a supplier for a business dinner, and find out. And remember, once you can understand slurred drunken jabber in Mandarin, you get to move to the next level.
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久仰 jiǔyǎng to have the pleasure of meeting someone
幸会 xìnghuì glad to meet someone
潜力 qiánlì potential
打交道 dǎ jiāodào to deal with
Lǐ jīnglǐ ,jiǔyǎng dàmíng ,zhècì zhōngyú jiànmiàn le !
Mr. Li, pleased to meet you. Now we can finally meet each other.
nǐhǎo !xìnghuì 、xìnghuì a 。zěnmeyàng ,wǒmen gōngsī de yàngpǐn nǐmen hái mǎnyì ma ?
Hello Peter! It's great to meet you. So, how did it go? Are you satisfied with our company's samples?
tài mǎnyì le !Jiānádà zǒnggōngsī kàn le nǐmen de dōngxi ,kuā ge bùtíng 。dàjiā dōu shuō kěndìng néng shòu shìchǎng huānyíng 。
Very satisfied! When the Canadian head office saw them, they couldn't stop praising them. Everyone says they'll do well on the market.
呵呵,有钱大家赚,现在不是讲究双赢吗?Peter, 今天一定要给我个面子,一起吃顿饭。
hēhē ,yǒuqián dàjiā zhuàn ,xiànzài bù shì jiǎngjiū shuāngyíng ma ?Peter, jīntiān yīdìng yào gěi wǒ ge miànzi ,yīqǐ chī dùn fàn 。
Ha ha. There's money to be made by everyone, and what we want to strive for is a win-win situation. Peter, today must give me face. Let's go for dinner together.
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